Saturday, November 26, 2016

RPiTC v3 1.11 release available

RPITC 3 1.11 (Kernel 4.4.34)

- Citrix Receiver 13.4.1
- VMWare Horizon 4.2
- Parallels 15.5
- NoMachine 5.1.62
- Thinlinc 4.7
- virt-viewer 5.0

- RPi3 Bluetooth stack is now working
- systemd 232 fixed

Due to the update to GCC 6 and xorg (abi 22) I've rebuilded some binaries/libraries:
- fbturbo (with hw cursor)
- dfreerdp
- xfrerdp_git
- h264.bin
- and for citrix h264 accel.
- virt-viewer/spice

- All the script files, third party binaries, libraries, confs, startup videos and images are located in the /opt folder.
- Default OS come with: Firefox, SSH Server, VNC Server, Docky and Conky.
- Default user/pass: rpitc/rpitc and root/rpitc
- Use the RPiTC Builder tool to install/remove the TC-related packages

- xz compressed image: (339Mb)
- zip compressed image: (455Mb)


  1. Thanks for the post, for online training on VMware visit Tekslate.

  2. Thank you for this new version!
    I have a problem with usb stick: when I plug it udev/pmount automount creates /media/sda1 folder but there is only a file named ".created_by_pmount" no usb content at all.
    To make my files appear I have to manually mount /dev/sda1 to /media/sda1.
    Is it normal? How can I fix it or configure it to really automount usb drives?

    1. Getting the exact same thing - even tried rewriting the udev rules to a more modern script - I now get the name of the thumbdrive but still as list out the directory nothing is in there (well it can see nothing). I am testing with a basic fat32 thumbdrive. Any update on this?

  3. Hi
    Thanks a lot for this new version!
    i have a problem with horizon client
    after login suddenly rpitc os disconnected and show rpitc login page

    1. I'm getting the same thing. I would love to be able to resolve this issue

  4. Looks very good, only 2 things i have that i am not sure how i can fix it. first is: when i want install raspi-config, they dont find this package, when i try to apt-cache search raspi-config, nothing to find. so where is this package, because i want expand my filesystem. second thing, bad thing, my monitor have 2560x1440 screen resolution, but raspi brings me up only 1920x1080 resolution, where i can fix that issue. i am not able to set this up in the screen settings. can i configure it maybe directly in a file?


    1. I saw in the forum: uncomment the raspbian package repo in /etc/apt/sources.list then run apt-get update && apt-get install raspi-config


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