Wednesday, July 27, 2016

RPiTC v3 0.99 Stable Released!

UPDATE 29.July.2016 09:20 GMT+2:
Image files updated, please use the new image file. This will fix:
- Docky icon creation/removal
- Citrix receiver missing library libwebkitgtk-1.0-0
- Horizon libpcoip_neon missing
- Bluetooth internal for RPi3 now can be pairable (a custom build of bluez from Rpi team must be used)
- Java path check for jdk7

After a long pause we are back with a new RPiTC Release.
This release is compatible with RaspberryPi v2 and v3 boards only (armhf v7)

Whats new on this release:
Kernel 4.4.x
Citrix Receiver 13.3.2
VMWare Horizon 4.1
NoMachine 5.1.26
Parallels 15.0-3832
Thinlinc 4.6.0-5144
Spice 3.1
FreeRDP rebuild from git 2016-06-15
RPiTC Builder 0.98
NEW: Bluetooth UI

RPiTC Builder changelog:
- Added Makefile to quick compile the RPiTC binary (read the README in the git repo)
- Switched to QT5
- Added new tab: Hardware
  This tab contain all the RaspberryPi hardware specific switch for the integrated Raspberry hardware like Bluetooth/WLAN adapters and the overclock feature.

Bluetooth UI:
It's a simple gui to pair bluetooth devices (ported from gnome-bluetooth)

Download links:
RPi-TCv3_0.99.img.xz 381.8Mb 521.7Mb
md5sum: 4915373c7fc7d75f92517d1977e8c65a  RPi-TCv3_0.99.img

Note from the authors:
- For bug related to packages, RPiTC builder and hardware support please use the git repo for RPiTC Builder Project. For other request use the forum.
- There is no .deb package for the Horizon client, stop asking :)
- Old RPiTC's for Raspberry Pi1 boards are Not Secure Anymore. Please update the package repository file to standard Debian armel release or switch to RPi2/3 boards.


  1. wow thanks for updating this, loved the previous image a ton, very excited

    1. one of the issues i am experiencing when logging into vmware horizon is the linked clone actually displaying. i can connect to the external view connection address, authenticate, view my vdi pools, but once i log into one of the pools, it looks like the display is trying to load, then it cuts out and goes back to the list of vdi pools i have available. i am sure there is an easy setting i can adjust, just havent figured it out yet. will reply once i find a solution.

    2. I have the same Problem with vmware Horizon, it looks like a bug in this version!

      I Hope it would be fixed soon

  2. im successfully installed on my raspberry pi rev b. but my monitor just show screen RGB color ? what should i do?



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