Friday, November 27, 2015

Beta 1.99 out! -> new image beta3

The new 1.99 beta is available -> 1.99 beta3 available!

This beta include the new RPiTC Builder. RPiTC Builder is a simple gui that help you to install, remove and configure your RPiTC OS. This beta OS come with: Iceweasel, SSH Server, VNC Server, Docky and Conky.

beta3 include a new RPiTC Builder (source code available here: version with more options:
- ICA H.264 hardware accelerated support for RPi2
- overclock the board
- bluetooth support
- wlan/bluetooth firmware install
- RPiTC builder software update

Check the Documentation page to get more info about RPiTC Builder

Download the image here:

Please use this thread for your feedback/suggestion/bug/request!


  1. Good job!

    What is the default user / pass for shell access ? older version it was root and raspberry...doesn't works in this version.


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