Friday, July 17, 2015

RPi-TC 2 Release 1.4 available!

RPi-TC 2 ARMv7 NEON Release 1.4 | 17 - Jul - 2015

Client updated from 1.1 release:
- Debian SID ARMv7 NEON armhf Kernel 4.0.8
- Citrix Receiver
- VMWare Horizon Client 3.4.0
- Thinlinc Client 4.4.0
- Parallels 2X Client 14.0
- x3270 client 3.4beta3
- Iceweasel 38.1.0esr-3

Other OS related:
- Audio selector updated
- Reverted overclock settings to safe mode to avoid freeze problem
- Translated conky rc config params for new 1.10 release
- Added missing packages (cups-bsd, libcacard and others)

Image available here:

29d42bd2102614bd1f48223bbc9c3dc8  RPiTC2_r1.4.img

Please use the forum for request/question/suggestion


  1. hi
    can you tell what is your cmake command for xfreerdp?

  2. Hello, I tried to register for your forum but it seems your captcha (image challenge) system is broken. Registration page requires that you enter letters from an image but no image is actually shown on the page ..?

  3. Hi,
    Can you provide a link to the "VMWare Horizon Client 3.4.0" .deb package you have used. Please send the details to

  4. Hello,
    does not work in the "RPi-TC 2 Release 1.4" sound?
    Am I doing something wrong?


  5. I'm testing USB redirection. But I got this error:
    Spawn of vmware-view-usb failed: Failed to execute child process "vmware-view-usb" (No such file or directory)
    I try to search that file but failure. Are you miss the file?


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