Saturday, February 7, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 first look

Just receved my Raspberry Pi 2 board :)

On the left the old Model B 1, on the right the Model B+ 1 and in the middle the new Model B 2.
Model B+ 1 and B 2 have the same form factor... So you can use you old B+ case for the new B2.

I played a little bit with a custom Ubuntu Vivid distro and the first impression is that the new B2 board is quite fast but suffer, compared to other board (like ODROID C1), on the IO speed

Also overclocking to 1000Mhz seem to be stable


  1. Had mine a couple of days, but still trying to get virt-viewer to build - any hints and tips would be useful (I could just wait for your release, but I'm impatient and want to do a custom build anyway).

    1. You have download and build: spice-protocol 0.12-5, spice-gtk-0.26 and then virt-viewer with spice and gtk3 support (--with-gtk=3.0 --with-spice-gtk)

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  3. Oh heck - had been going via page to get spice-gtk, 0.27 in git linked from there required all sorts of hacking to make it work - which I'd finally completed. Only just realised that 0.26 is available as a tar at which compiles without any problems!

    I'll give your new release a spin, but probably doing a custom build of virt-viewer anyway, thanks!


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