Thursday, October 23, 2014

New RPi-TC X version available! (23-Oct-2014)

- Debian SID ARMv6kz armel Kernel 3.12.29 (dual Kernel)
- Citrix Receiver v13.0.0.256735
- VMWare View Client 2.3.4 (no PCoIP)
- Quest vWorkspaces 7.0b
- RDesktop 1.8.2 (patched r1836)
- xFreeRDP 1.1.0~git20140921.1.440916e
- OpenNX
- X2GO client
- SPICE GTK+ 0.25 Client & virt-viewer 2.0
- Iceweasel 31.1.0esr with ICA & Spicy plugins enabled
- TN5250 client 0.17.4
- x3270 client 3.3.10
- Rebuilded and updated to ARMv6kz arch
- New: hardware-accelerated X driver included and enabled by default (
- New: systemd startup system
- New: CUPS Print Client 1.7.5 && HPlip 3.14.6
- New: Java Runtime Environment OpenJDK-7-jre v7u65
- New: VPN support: OpenVPN 2.3.4
- New: service manager: bum
- New: dFreeRDP by Sand Brow
- SSH and VNC server on standar port
- hostname generated on macaddress at boot
- Remake: Fast & nice startup video :)
- Removed: shutdown video, shutdown took just 2secs

Download link:

Little HOWTO:

Git repo updated:

Please note:
Service like cups, openvpn, libvirtd, pcscd and libvirt-guests arent enable by default. Use bum interface to enable it, if you need it!
This will be the last RPi-TC Soft Float release. Next releases will be Hard Float (based on Raspbian repository with rpi-update by Hexxeh). That means we will drop VMWare client, for a best package support, Citrix accelerated client and general better performance due to HF packages.
Please use the forum for question:

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  1. Hi,

    thanks, great work! :-)

    Can i start the without loading the gui first? Also the system status monitor keeps turning up while in a dfreerdp session.

    Is it possible to login via RDP on a Windows host and let the Windows system still output the audio via its speakers?


  2. Hello there,

    Installed the image on both model B and model B+ and Citrix Receiver cannot load normally, it stops after giving correct login/pass combination. Any ideas?

    Kind regards

  3. Are you using SSL for the Citrix Connection?

  4. Hi, I want to change the IP address manually. But I need root password. Please help me. Thanks before

  5. Hello, How we can set default window manager as icewm and also auto login to root in that.

  6. resolved root password issue. Very nice program

  7. Any estimate on next release date? Great work btw!

  8. what app do i use to rdp my window machine?

  9. Hi,
    Is it possible to plug and make work a dongle Wi-Pi with this image ?
    If yes, can you explain me how to do this?

  10. hi, I am trying to mount it but it says that is damaged, please help


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