Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Updates, single packages and hardfloat image

For long time i didnt update the blog, but im still working on the rpi-tc project :)
In the past months i´ve updated more than 400 armv6j packages and other 300 this week: rdesktop 1.8.2*, x2goclient 4.0.2, virt-viewer 0.6, vnc-server, ssh-server etc...

PLEASE update (changed for security reason) the gpg key:
wget -O - http://armv6j.armtc.net/gibbio@gmail.com.gpg.key | apt-key add -

If someone need the single package, plese use the repository here
VMWare Client 1.7.0: http://armv6j.armtc.net/pool/main/v/vmware-view-client/
Citrix Receiver 13: http://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/linux/receiver-for-linux-130.html
RDesktop 1.8.2: http://armv6j.armtc.net/pool/main/r/rdesktop/
Spice GTK: http://armv6j.armtc.net/pool/main/s/spice-gtk/

Hardfloat Image (RDP only):
due to the old architecture (armv6 and not armv7) Citrix Receiver and VMWare Client didnt work on RaspberryPi board (als hardfloat).

What in this hardloat release:
- Raspbian ARMv6 HardFloat with Kernel 3.12.20 (2014.05.30)
- RDesktop 1.8.2 *
- xFreeRDP 1.0.1
- X2GO client 3.99
- virt-viewer 0.5.3 (vnc only)
- Iceweasel 24.5
- SSH and VNC server on standar port
- customizable Sysinfo on screen (IP, MAC etc) via Conky
- Raspberry Pi tvservice and other binary
- hostname generated on macaddress at boot
- Fast & nice startup and shutdown video

NEW feature:
- Administration mode: press K (shift+k) during boot video intro to enable root mode, before entering root mode you will be prompted for a password, put LOL (uppercase) to continue.
- added Java enviroment 1.7.0u40
- added VirtualHere USB Server for sharing device over the network

Download link here and here

* This rdesktop release add support for server redirection when connecting to a Windows 2012 RDS Farm and issues related to server redirection for Windows 2008. There are also a few other issues solved when connecting to Windows 8 / Windows 2012.


  1. Hello there, been trying to install Citrix receiver but to no avail... Downloaded the file from Citrix, installed libxerces as well but no go... Any chance you could implement it in this version?

    1. Due to RPi hardware limitation, Citrix Receiver and VMWare Client didnt work on hardfloat OS

  2. and also spice-gtk can not be install on hardfloat

  3. this could have came at a better time thank you for all your work look my email help I'd like to know if I help you>>

  4. Thanks Gibbio,

    Are you still continuing to develop for the cubieboard or will the Pi be your primary focus moving forward?


  5. Hello,

    I'm using xfreerdp but the plugin RAIL is missing. I have download the new version of xfreerdp but i have a lot of errors for compiling the stuf. Do you have a downloadlink for download only the rail plugin for the raspberry pi? I'm using right now your newest release.

  6. Hello,
    Tn5250 is not functional for this version? I am looking for how to install it but without success ...

  7. HI ,

    We use this on our office, for thinclient setups.

    I saw that you have the files/image on the github however no build instructions.

    It would be very helpful for me if you add that so i can remove unwanted clients and use only the x2go.

    Also i notice you have x86 version of your thin client.. please see if u can add some build instructions so we can try to customize it for our use.

  8. is there any possible to update virtviewer to 0.6+ in a rpi rev b 2 (armhf) and/or install spice-gtk ?
    this is cause i wanna try to access my proxmox vmachines with spice client!!

  9. Why is the hard float image so big?

    Soft float image is 1.7GB but the hard float image is 2.9GB... that's 1.2GB difference! Why?

  10. Hi

    There's Citrix Reciever for armhf rpi @ citrix blog which community beta.


  11. hi, I'm using RPI as thin client but not used you distrib: just vanilla raspbian + modified freerdp. May be my changes in freerdp will be interested for you: they accessible there: https://github.com/mister-r/FreeRDP. I'm using (and tested) only dfreerdp client, but other clients kind should have better performance too (if not broken).
    Also I found that for best quality its better to disable rdp compression (no -z key for dfreerdp) and encryption (its possible to do only on server's side with gpedit.msc).
    Also measured performance gain of dfreerdp with my changes is from ~30%(with enabled compression and/or encryption to ~75% (with disabled compression&encryption)

    1. I've got event better results: now more than 2 times faster than default dfreerdp in fullscreen mode (-f option also added new --direct-surface). Without encryption and compression its now possible to watch youtube on RPI, if not maximized...

    2. Hi Sand Brow,
      I have been using Proxmox until this moment, with RDesktop for connecting with my W7 VMs. But the network performance (youtube, etc) is not good enough as expected.

      So, do you think that with your solution problem could be solved?
      Thanks in advance!

  12. Hi,

    How I can disable monitor sleep?


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