Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RPi-TC R5 Citrix only Release!

After some months since the first Citrix only release today we release a new version.
Receiver software is the same as previous version but lot is changed...

So here the feature list:
- Debian Jessie ARMv6j armel with new Kernel 3.10.19 (dual Kernel).
- Citrix Receiver 12.2.3.
- Iceweasel 24.1 with ICA plugin enabled.
- Administrator mode: press K (shift+k) during boot video intro to enable root mode, before entering root mode you will be prompted for a password, put LOL (uppercase) to continue.
- hostname autogeneration based on board MAC Address.
- vnc shadowing on display 0 (password: raspberry).
- ssh enabled on port 22 (user: rpitc password: raspberry).
- new top-right customizable info panel with calendar, IP, MAC etc.
- Raspberry Pi tvservice and other binar.
- boot and shutdown/reboot video ;)

For ANY question use the FORUM! ty :)

Readme, please!:
- to change autostart application modify this file: $HOME/lxsession/LXDE/autostart (or use right-click menĂ¹)
- to enable monitor sleep mode remove the file $HOME/.xsessionrc
- Dual Kernel: just change config.txt (inside BOOT partition) and change the line: kernel=kernel.img in kernel=kernel-std.img to use standard RaspberryPi Kernel.
- Default sound output is HDMI, to change it to analog just: amixer cset numid=3 1
- If you have some problem with depth color on Citrix, add to config.txt: framebuffer_depth=24

HOW-TO Install:
- Download image here or here.
- Extract the archive and write the .img file in an SDCard with dd or diskimage.
- Plug your SDCard into your RaspberryPi board. Power on!

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