Thursday, November 28, 2013

RPi-TC ARMv6j Release 5 available!

What in this release:
- Debian Jessie ARMv6j armel Kernel 3.10.19 (dual Kernel)
- Citrix Receiver v13.0
- VMWare View Client 1.7.0 (no PCoIP)
- Quest vWorkspaces 7.0b
- RDesktop 1.7.1
- xFreeRDP 1.1.0-beta1
- OpenNX
- X2GO client
- SPICE GTK+ 0.21 Client (virt-viewer 0.5.7)
- TN5250 client 0.17.4
- x3270 client 3.3.10
- Iceweasel 24.1 with ICA & Spicy plugins enabled
- rebuilded and updated over 200 packages
- SSH and VNC server on standar port
- default users profile in BOOT partition
- hostname generated on macaddress at boot
- Fast & nice startup and shutdown video :)

NEW feature:
- Administration mode: press K (shift+k) during boot video intro to enable root mode, before entering root mode you will be prompted for a password, put LOL (uppercase) to continue.
- Browser mode: press B (shift+b) during boot video intro to enter in browser kiosk mode.
- added console x3270
- added numlockx
- added Raspberry Pi tvservice and other binary
- added customizable Sysinfo on screen (IP, MAC etc)
- added shutdown/reboot video

BUG solved:
- VNCServer "buffer overflow detected" solved
- dpkg-reconfigure is in sudoers now, user can change locales and keyboard layout
- libwayland-server0 on dpkg autoremove solved
- libculr0 rebuilded and relinked for Spicy client
- finally! solved wrong dependencies on mesa 9.1.x + libwayland0
- merged patch for 70-persistent-net.rules
- merged patch for menu.xml
- merged patch for

HOW-TO Install:
- Download image here or here.
- Extract the archive and write the .img file in an SDCard with dd or diskimage.
- Plug your SDCard into your RaspberryPi board. Power on!

Please use the forum for every question/suggestion ecc! Thanks!


  1. Hi,
    how do you compile the kernel and the image?

    1. you can find some howto here:

  2. I love this! Excellent work you are doing with this thin client! It's exactly what I needed.

    Thank you VERY much for sharing this with us.

  3. thats cool ,
    but what we need to install on the windows server side ?

  4. Hello, is RPi-TC ARMv6j Release 5 can be used with terminal server remote app ( see if possible, how?

  5. Hi There,
    Would it be possible to run armhf architecture instead of armel and eventually how do I do that?
    Obviously both kernel and kernel-std are armel type...


    1. citrix and vmware client just work on armel arch (in raspberry)

  6. I've installed a network printer using CUPS it shows up in a receiver session but wont print. Also video and flash is very jittery, is this a v13 problem for receiver?
    Brilliant work through!

  7. Hi,

    Why can i connect to VIEW server if its URL contain characters like '_'?

    My URL server is:


    1. maybe there is some bug on the vmware client, an easy solution is to add an DNS alias

    2. _ is not a valid character in a FQDN

      - is

  8. Hi,

    We install it on a Rasberry. It's awesome.

    But we need to an other version of OpenNX, with sound support.

    How we can compile it for your project ?

    Thanks for your help.


  9. from source you can: make -f
    you need nxssh and other libs for remote printer support, libcups is needed, for filesharing, libsmbclient is needed etcetc

  10. Hello,

    Awesome project! what is the default ssh username and password? I have tried pi as username and raspberry for password to no avail! i have also tried root and LOL!

  11. Hi~
    Thank you for your great project!!

    I tested this image but I met a some error in spice client.

    on the raspberry I get two errors:
    - unknown graphic type for the guest in oVirt 3.3 user portal
    - could not create session for this type: spice

  12. i want xfreerdp 1.1 armel compiled file

  13. please email me on

  14. Hi~
    Thank you for your project!
    I tested this image but I met a error about Citrix receiver.
    So Citrix receiver 13.0 in this image,but I tested HDX no effect.

  15. system suxx. very very slow, view client not working with horizon 5.x and applications terminates if more then two applications (iceweasel, view client, rdesktop) opened - only opened not connected!

    1. thanks for your comment, im sorry about that, but keep in mind that RaspberryPi is a 35€ hardware...
      If you have some suggestion to increase the performance, please, let us know.

  16. I'm very interested by this project and thank you for your work.
    I have got only one question :
    when rdektop or freerdp will support a RDP connection through a RDS broker to a farm of Windows 2012 servers ?

  17. That´s a great piece of software Gibbio.

    What about if you built-in the "ocsinventory-agent" package on this awesome Project? On our tests we will install it for sure but, having this inventory agent already built-in will be another great plus ;)


  18. Hi

    This is very cool, i love it. First of all; thank you so much for all good work, Gibbio. I have tested Raspberry Pi for an enterprise project. I am also following a Citrix Company engineer ( Muhammad Dawood) from his blog. Here is his blog URL.
    " " & " " . He has finished the latest beta release on 20.03.2014 and published it here " " . This release has plenty enhancements such as;
    + Storefront support (*)

    + H.264 hardware decoding (for XenDesktop 7 and later, or HDX 3D Pro servers)

    + USB redirection

    (*) SSL connections (https) to Storefront servers are supported.

    Anyway, could you please help me to upgrade the current Citrix Reciver release to this new beta in your project image? I tried to upgrade it but it is failed.

    Best Regards

  19. dear sir,
    not bad, it work for windows xp, but for windows 7 client, it would work, the error is connection setting problem...

    best regards,

  20. hy there m8s

    i ve tested this distro in a raspi b+ and it loads - awsome intro btw - but cant use either keyboard or mouse! :S any solutions to this ?

    best regards
    Gonçalo Ferreira

  21. Hi, I install de .img on de SD Card and boot de RPi, but my network interface not work, why????


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