Friday, September 20, 2013

x86 Thin Client release? Sure!

Creating custom distro under x86 architechture is quite simple compared to ARM :-P
This ThinClient distro can be used as a Live USB Distro (you can use LiLi USB Creator to create a bootable USB pendrive) or burned into an dvd or hd.

What inside this x86 ThinClient live distro?
- Xubuntu 13.04 raring i386 release w/ Kernel 3.8.0-30
- VMWare View Client 1.7.0
- Citrix Receiver 12.1
- vWorkspaces 7.6
- X2GO Client
- NoMachine 4.0.314
- ThinLinc 4.1.0
- Tarantella 4.20.909
- Remote Viewer 0.57
- Remmina
- Other terminal connection like Putty, x3270, tn3550 and more
- ssh and vnc server enabled by default
- conky info on screen
- default user: armtc pass: armtc

Download here or here

I'll be in Munich from 30 September to 26 October, if someone want to share a beer i'm up! ;)


  1. Great Distro. Thanks alot. Was looking for something like for a month now. Will test it in my lab.

  2. nice share, i'll be try soon, when i'm finish downloaded

  3. Have loaded it, looks nice...

    How do i get AutoLogin to work? the user manager doesnt have it?
    The RDPGUI doesn't work with this (although appears thats a Python issue maybe with the script itself).
    RDPGUI has an issue with /cert-ignore in this build of Ubuntu (although it appears freeRDP is verison 1.0.1 which is the latest, all seems weird...

    1. Yes, sorry last version solve the bug on .py

  4. Hi

    While here, what the application used to get the stats on the desktop?
    Where is the boot animation stored?

    Many Thanks

    1. you can change it under settings, startup and applications (or run xfce4-session-settings), then open the tab "Application Autostart" and click on 'Add'.

  5. Trying to get this onto my multiboot thumbdrive using Yumi. Sadly it isnt a supported distro. I have tried to add it using the settings for Xubuntu 13.04 and is a generic bootable ISO, but no luck. Mind assisting?

  6. Would be interesting to see how it runs on the NUC ( £150 + RAM is pretty cheap providing you boot from PXE.

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  9. Will there be an updated version of RPiTC x86 ?


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