Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beta tester needed for Spice Client!!

UPDATE 10-APR-2013: Spice Client test closed, will be released in the next RPi-TC release!
Also XPI Plugin for IceWeasel is working:

Thanks again to Igniazio!

I didn't have an Spice environment so i need help to test SPICE client (with spice-gtk support)

If someone want to help please use my git to create a clean base RPi-TC system: (BOOT partition) (ROOTFS partition)

Or you can use my "" script to build it up. Just clone the two gitrepo and add missing folder like /boot /dev etcetc...

Then send me an email or comment this post, i'll send you the package to test.

So after a few tests... Seem SPICE (spicy client) is working on RPi-TC:

Thanks Ignazio for the test!!!!!


  1. Just want to give suggestion...

    I ran to this website
    He give instruction to run RDP in DirectFB mode, not X11. I already set it up, but the performance is also almost same as X11, maybe a little FPS increase, but still playing video is a slideshow.

    (My PC is on Wireless now, I will try again in 1Gbit connection later)

    Also, it is stuck at 1920x1080. I cannot set it as 1280x720 and no sound at all. The cursor icon is also error. I believe your Linux skill can fix this small problem.

    I am hoping for you to include this in your distribution so I can deploy it without so much hassle here. Thank you.

    1. looking at the official forum seem that X11 FB driver is being abandoned...
      To change video resolution refer to this manual:
      With my monitors (samsung and philips) i use to put in the config.txt file: hdmi_mode=4 for 720p or hdmi_mode=16 for 1080p
      Sound in RaspberryPi is a pain... if you use simple player like mpg123 or similar is ok but alsa redirection is driving me mad... I think the problem is in the RaspberryPi driver because if i change some parameter (rates,periods, etc) in the bcm2835-pcm.c redirection sound is more better but still popping, seem there are some "channel rate jumping" or bho!

  2. Hi , if you are looking for a spice beta tester, I created a kvm cluster with fedora 17 and spice.
    I am very interested in spice testing.
    Please, write me an email at

  3. Does this release have wifi support.

    1. This is a beta for test spice protocol, but you can try it, i've include the wpa_gui and a new kernel with lot of driver

  4. I'm interested in testing out spice.
    Please send me the package to msaft42 (na) gmailu.

  5. hi!

    I'm also interested in testing spice. please drop me an email to timo leppiniemi (a) gmail com

    1. thanks for interesting in but fortunately test on Spice is closed, everything is working fine!

  6. hi,gibbio
    I'm a developer from China and currently working on a mips based device. I saw your thin client for raspberry pi, and thought it's very cool. But it doesn't fit our mips. I'm wondering if you're able to help, paid or collaborate. If possible, I'd like to use your code and add modifications. Thanks in advance! cy0007 at gmail dot com

    1. Hi, nothing inside RPiTC is own by me, this is an opensource distro that use lot of great opensource software, everyone can download, use, modify and collaborate on project.
      Create a MIPS distro like the RPi-TC ARMel distro is quite easy but maybe software like Citrix and VMWare will not works on MIPS... just because (sadly) there is no source code available and there is no precompiled MIPS binary/libs.

    2. Oh, I see. Thank you so much for the reply. Though I have another question and hope you won't be offended. Could you share your code of RPiTC for ARM that you created? I'll find a way to transfer it onto MIPS. And of course, if I succeed I'll share the code with you as well. Many thanks!

  7. Hi Gibbio,
    I understand you may be too busy to answer, but I do really need your help. Your input can save as much as a month time for our team.
    You designed a platform based on debian, so that RDP, VM's View, Citrix and Receiver can run smoothly on it. What we need is the source code for this, so that we can add translated menu, wifi, responsive resolutions and so on. We'll try to make it work on MIPS as well. Since a lot has been done by you, it seems to be the best to ask for your help. Otherwise, we'll have to develop it from scratch. It's a waste of resources, don't you think?
    I really hope you could help out, and we will pass on what we produce from it. Thanks!

    1. You can find source code here:
      vmware view:
      citrix/receiver: there is no source code available, just precompiled package here:

      All other Debian pakage:
      RPi-TC Package list:

    2. I can't thank you enough! I guess we'll just try to develop and contribute to the community as much as we can!
      Again, thank you!

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  10. @gibbio good work man. I pointed out spice to you a long time ago and its amazing to see that u saw it through. IS there any scope for improving SPICE's performance any further ? it uses pixman lib for rendering. Isnt spice's performance tied up with 2D/EGA X acceleration on the pi ?

  11. Hello Gibbio!

    Any news on OpenNX client?

    We are small company from Ukraine, very interested in this awesome project. We can deploy and test RPITC on several production terminals and provide any type of feedback you ask. Just let us know when OpenNX will be integrated. Thanks!

    info at


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