Sunday, August 19, 2012

RPi-TC to Kernel 3.2.27 and more

Today i have tested the new RaspberryPi Linux Kernel (3.2.27 from 3.1.9) and the new USB driver.
Everything seem working fine, also aufs and other foreign module i use seem ok.
I have updated on GitHub the new drivers, kernel and modules for new version... I know, only if you have a Linux pc (i use a Virtual Machine with Mint to rebuild and manage github), can use it, so the next week i'll release a new "gitted/not full tuned" Release version in .img

We are still working on VMWare View Client, PCoIP isn't working for some hardcoded "missing file" in the binary... xFreeRDP is very fast and we have to test RemoteFX feature but there is no usb redirection atm, RDesktop have usb redirection but not RemoteFX support... arr!
As Citrix Release version, i'll make the same interface for the next release version:

3 week ago i have broken my RaspberryPi... is...well...still works...try to guess what's missing... Also my preferred SDCard is broken...



  1. It's just a power supply decoupling cap, it doesn't strictly need it.

  2. I wish there was an easier way to install this.
    Also i tried to use the installer script on ubuntu and i had to edit two lines to make it work.

    1. Oh, tested only in mint cinnamon :( sorry.
      Easy way is to download the lastest release (released today) :) his an .img file, burn it with dd or win32diskimager
      you can find all the details on the first post, download link in Download! page on the horizontal menu, or here:

  3. I've reading some raspberry pi blogs and EVERYONE is breaking the SD card reader.

    I don't have a pi and won't buy one because I can buy surplus thin clients on ebay with twice the power and half the price.

    PXE ready Ethernet adapters, just press F12 on boot screen.

    44pin IDE connectors for real SSHD performance instead of an SD card.

    Yeah, I know, PXE AND SSHD? Well, that's one of MY projects, optimizing that.

    I'm going to follow your blog!



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