Thursday, August 2, 2012

RPi-TC beta version available! (PCoIP almost done!)

I have started a new version of RPi-TC, minimal install (via net-install), is lighter and use less RAM than before... For the moment it is a beta (not tuned etcetc) version, but works!
Few days ago i decided to host the file system and the kernel with compiled options in two GitHub repository, opened to everyone.
You can find the full file system here: and the builded Kernel with configuration file here:
I have created a Linux script ( to easily format the sd card, download the filesystem and kernel from GitHub and make some final configuration to have an ready to use beta to test.
Please, test it and use GitHub to report all the issue you i'll find! Also who want to help me on that, just contact me at, i'll give you full access to the repository!

But... what's new on this beta version???
  • VMWare View Client 1.5.1 (5.1) PCoIP library seem ok but i didn't test it yet! i need tester! USB redirection not work...
  • Citrix Receiver for Linux System on a Chip (SoC) 12.2.3 (thanks Sven!)
  • Quest vWorkspaces 7.0 beta1 (deep test needed)
  • RDesktop 1.7.1 and xFreeRDP 1.0.1
Remmina was removed, performance is a bit slow compared to RDesktop and FreeRDP.

If someone need some kind of barebone/ultratuned version of RPiTC just ask me! I have build one version for a company where a friend works with only Citrix Receiver... it's faster than lot of 200$ Thin Client ...


  1. first off thank you very much for your hard work.

    on to my questions:

    1. can i please get access to the RPI-TC with just Citrix? (that is the only program we use)
    2. do i need to add the text listed under Debian tuning to the config files or is that baked in some how?
    3. when i do a fresh install SD every thing works (Citrix receiver is slow to load desktop but works) but after "tuning" i get SSL errors
    4. is there a forum or other place to discuss questions and issues?

    if there is anything i can help with on this project please let me know.

    1. 1. you can use only Citrix without problem, the other (unused in your case) package (vmware, rdp, various library etc) will not slow down your rpi or consume RAM, just a bit of space wasted. (if you need a cutted down version i can do it for you, contact me via email)
      2. Guides listed on blog it's only a reference for everyone need to tune RPi, you can also use it on other board/system in the same way. Basic Debian tuning, Kernel rebuil and SDCard tuning is cooked by default on release and beta version. On beta SquashFS+AuFS is not used.
      3. You are using Release or Beta version of RPiTC? In release i forgot to add a symlink for the ssl cert (just shot a "sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts". Beta version is ok.
      4. Just a Issues report on GitHub only for beta version. I didn't like forums :)


  2. Hi,

    Instead of relying on torrent, could you upload to say dropbox [or similar] and make the link public?

    At present I am trying to get the torrent and have no one sharing at all.

    Also is the download an img file or not so you can use Win32DiskImager [for those on wintel pcs]?

    I am also interested in the RPi-citrix ONLY installtion. So what is the difference between this install and this other citrix install:



    1. Sorry about torrent, but Demonoid traker is off :(
      Use this torrent instead:
      Or via MediaFire part1: part2:
      .img files (yes you can use Win32DiskImager) is available only for Release version, beta is available only via GitHub, when the beta is stable and all the features is working i will create a new Release version.

      Lot of people is asking me for a Citrix only version, next week im in holiday and i'll create a Release just with Citrix Receiver official release. I need to find another work...rpitc is taking lot of my free time :)
      I have take a look at that howto, but there are lot of thing missing, for first will not work.


  3. Really really cool!
    I'm very glad you're sharing this! I'm waiting for my Pi to arrive, but I'd really love to see it working with VMware View, i'm currious how the graphics will be! I'm expecting it to work better than the expensive Thin Clients in stores ATM.

    I'll come back when mine has arrived and i'd love to test everything for you (as far as VMware View with PCOIP concerns)! Keep up the good work, it's highly appreciated!

  4. Good job. :)

    Tried vmware view, working only with RDP. PCoIP is not working wither with security server or direct connection. I can send you logs if you need them. There is also small problem with link to vmware-view-usb file...

    1. yes, usb redirection is not working atm, for the missing link i have already added a symlink to etc/vmware/ in the last commit.
      Did you try to disable server side usb redirection and mmr?

    2. Hi!,

      I'm testing your RPI compilation to make connections, mainly with view client. I've tried to connect to view 4.5 and view 5.0 server through PCoIP with no success (disabling server MMR and USB too). RDP works fine.

      I'm (as many people) very interested that it works, so if I can help you in any manner, let me know (logs, debugging?, etc.).

      Yesterday, I downloaded the git repository through installation script and I've encontered some issues on it. To contribute, I'm doing some changes to make it more "universal". As soon as I test it, I'll send it to you.

      Great job! ;)


    3. Hi nuxsmin,
      help is always appreciated! ;) Please use GitHUB to report any issues and suggestions/mods
      If you want i'll give you full access to rpitc github repo to update modifications.


  5. Good work,

    I will try your RPi-TC (PCoIP) VMView next month, when I come back from a trip.
    Hope I can learn more from you..


    Choong Leng from Singapore

  6. Thank you so much for this! I will be testing this out in a couple of days. Fantastic work!

  7. Hi Gibbio,

    I had try out your RPi-TC (PCoIP) on our internal LAN, It can authenticate with my vmview-server, and get the win-7 resources. But loading the Win-7 clone, it terminated. I had a copy of the vmware-view log file. How I can send the log file to you?

    Love the make it solution work... Let me know, how can i sent the log file to you and test it out again..


    Choong Leng from Singapore

  8. Hi Gibbio,
    Any configuration for PCoIP because it fail to display desktop. For Microsoft RDP no problem, I can login and use as normal.



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