Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just for fun: ODROID-X PCoIP...

Few days ago a box from South Korea arrive, ODROID-X is a ARM Cortex A9 board, it's more powerful than RaspberryPi but it's costs 129$... but... not so much for a Quad Core 1.4Ghz, 1Gb RAM a Mali400 GPU, 6 usb ports and eMMC module socket (also SDHC card slot)!
Just after a few problems (i didn't have the DC connector plug and the uart serial to usb module is homemade...) i rebuild the kernel with some tweak then i boot up the board, just a "little" issues, HDMI output isn't working! Seem there are some missing driver or conf in the hardkernel official github kernel repository. If i use the official image everything is ok, but with a custom kernel no... Ok, no problem we can test it via UART port...

Two hours and PCoIP is working on ODROID-X... 2 months of test on RaspberryPi and still no PCoIP...maybe there are some key to buy to unlock something already in the SoC?!? That's funny...seriously...

Edit: HDMI output now works! Now i can play mahjong titans from odroid-xon my virtual machine via PCoIP :)

Now let's try again on RaspberryPi...


  1. Just a question:
    I tried to compile the kernel
    export ARCH=arm
    export CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/local/toolchain/arm-2010q1/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-
    make odroidx_defconfig
    time make -j10 zImage

    The zImage (arch/arm/boot/zImage) was 2.9MB the zImage from the prebuilt was 4.2MB
    When I did "fastboot flash kernel ./zImage" (to the eMMC) it worked with the pre-built kernel and not with the kernel I built myself.

    Do you have any idea what I did wrong?

    (I tried both bruanch: odroidx-next, odroidx-working fronm the same git you used)


    1. please ignore the line "artificats!!!!!!!!!!"

    2. Did you use the lastest (with Kernel 3.6RC4) release?
      Because something (in better) is changed. In the lastest release i use to do:
      git clone
      cd linux
      make ARCH=arm odroidx_defconfig
      #add/remove/tweak kernel if you need:
      make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi- menuconfig
      #now build the kernel, i use the same crosscompiler i use for Raspberry and other board...
      make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi- -k -j 3
      #build modules in a temporary folder:
      make ARCH=arm modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/root/mod_compiled

      then... in the new release you have just to copy the zImage in the "/dev/mmcblk0p2" vfat partition and the compiled modules in the ext4 "/dev/mmcblk0p3" partition.
      In the old release you have to dd zImage in this way:
      dd iflag=dsync oflag=dsync if=./arch/arm/boot/zImage of=/dev/sdb seek=1057
      I use only sdcards not emmc

    3. Thanks for your help

      My kernel version is <> 3.6

      The kernel that is on the pre-built e-mmc file that I have downloaded the version is:

      "3.0.41 (codewalker@codewalker-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.1 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2010q1-188) ) #3 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 24 19:22:25 KST 2012"

      This is from SD-card we bought with the system burned in:

      Linux version 3.0.15 (ckkim@ckkim-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.1 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2010q1-188) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jul 31 14:38:28 KST 2012

      In my version
      "/dev/mmcblk0p2" is ext4 that contain the system partition (usual on Android). probably if I will dd it will probably require me to re-image the card.

      Did the kernel that you compile initially from GIT has version 3.6.x?

    4. yes, the kernel version in git repo is the 3.6RCx. You can compile it without problem, just the hdmi_v14 driver to modify if you have an 1080P monitor.
      The kernel you are using is an old version (alpha i think) without some odroid driver/tweak.
      Is better if you download the new release of ubuntu distro (

  2. What did you use to serve the VMWare Client? vCenter? VMWare Server?

    1. yes vmware client

  3. sorry, tried twice to get this running on a Pi B and it kernel panics all the time - Scott

  4. PCoIP can run on ODROID-X(Exynos 4412), so it should be able to run on Panda ES(TI OMAP4460). "Two hours and PCoIP is working on ODROID-X...", would you please specify what is done for it? Thanks.

  5. Have you tried this project on an ODROID-C1? If so, I'd love to pay you for that image.

  6. Is there an image for the Odroid U3 or can I use the Odroid X version?

  7. Is there an image for the Odroid U3 or can I use the Odroid X version?


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