Thursday, June 28, 2012

Help needed | Back to work!

Thanks to everyone for supporting me, there are lot of work to do to create a Thin Client for RaspberryPi but im alone and there are lot of request/bug to implement/solve so, if anyone want to collaborate, contact me at
Some sort of bug traking or group working or similar is needed...

I have create some howto that's will be useful to tuneup RaspberryPi Debian distro:
Kernel Rebuild with AuFS: howto rebuild RaspberryPi kernel to include new module
RaspberryPi Debian Tuning: howto tune and hack RaspberryPi Debian distro
AuFS + SquashFS on RPi: howto squash /usr to compress and speedup raspberryPi
SDCard tuning: howto allign erase block size to speedup write speed of SDCard

At the moment my RaspberryPi boot in X in 19secs

PS. there are some problem in VMWare View Client 4.6, but i just don't care... a friend give me the VMWare View Client 5.0 armel (1.4) to test! So if someone have an vSphere 5.0 or 5.1 environment to test... send me an email at:

Update 17/07/2012: content moved on the top menĂ¹!

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