Monday, February 27, 2012

ArchLinux ARM distro ready!?! Yes!

Seem to be ready the ArchLinux distro for Raspberry Pi... During the night a friend send me a torrent link (this one) thats allow you to download ArchLinux Distro for Raspberry Pi.
Inside the zip file there are one .img (rpi-archlinuxarm18feb2012.img) that have the same size of Debian image and seem to conteing something useful:
[root@tester tmp]#file rpi-archlinuxarm18feb2012.img
rpi-archlinuxarm18feb2012.img: x86 boot sector; partition 1: ID=0xc, starthead 0, startsector 1, 195312 sectors; partition 2: ID=0x83, starthead 40, startsector 195313, 3667215 sectors

extract the FS partition (under windows):
dd if=rpi-archlinuxarm18feb2012.img of=rootfs-archlinux-rpi skip=195313 count=3667215
rawwrite dd for windows version 0.6beta3.
Written by John Newbigin <>
This program is covered by terms of the GPL Version 2.

skip to 100000256
3667215+0 records in
3667215+0 records out

then tested on qemu:
qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -cpu arm1176 -m 256 -hda rootfs-archlinux-rpi -kernel zImage_3.1.9 -append "root=/dev/sda" -serial stdio -redir tcp:2222::22

This is the result:
Seem to be ArchLinux distro for RaspberryPi!!!

UPDATED: you can now officialy download ArchLinux distro from the download page of Raspberry Pi site

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